Knowledge Hub of BIM R&D

With reference to the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) “… NATSPEC, on behalf of the Australian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) and ACIF, collected information on BIM related research and development being undertaken by government and industry organisations to populate the BIM knowledge hub.”

ACIF issued a simple questionnaire that aimed to “… to create a register of BIM-related research and development projects for the design and construction industry in order to avoid duplication of effort and facilitate collaboration.”

The questionnaires were submitted prior to 26th February 2014 and the BIM R&D Project details are available for reference if your organisation is interested or undertaking BIM-related research and development projects.

The impact of mobile technology on your firm

How current is your technology infrastructure? Are you benefiting from the potential of mobile connectivity?

Project teams including clients, consultants, contractors, authorities and suppliers are utilising mobile technologies for easier, timelier information exchange. Consultants to the built environment have moved from e-mail and PDF documentation exchange to hosting FTP function on their website, or using cloud-based document storage and exchange services such as

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