History + Experience

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Since 1991 Gil Arnold and PPM have provided management consulting services in the specialised market of professional practices for the built environment, mostly in Australian capital cities but extending into the regions and New Zealand. Clients have ranged in size from major nationals and internationals to sole practitioners.

Specific consultancy assignments to architects, engineers, planners, graphic designers, etc., all gained through referral and all involving business strategy issues, have included:

Earlier experience

Prior to 1991 Gil’s employment related almost exclusively to the management of architecture firms in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, plus three years overseas working with a major architecture firm in the UK and as a United Nations Volunteer in West Africa.


Gil was awarded his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at RMIT in 1995, preceded  by studying Architecture, initially at the Gordon Institute of Technology, Geelong (now Deakin University) then at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) as well as Management and Administration in Sydney and Manchester.


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