Project Management

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Project Management ~ client agreements, joint ventures, alliances;

Inevitably the basis of every project is an agreement/contract of some nature. The “Architects Act” prescribes that work cannot commence until an agreement is executed. Such a basic rule should apply to the appointment of all consultants. Each industry organisation promotes their own standard while many clients provide their own or use AS4122-2010, usually with amendments. It is not uncommon for consultant teams to enter other forms of agreement.

Difficulties can arise at any stage of the project process and they should be dealt with as soon as possible to minimize distraction. A list of critical clauses forms a sound foundation for checking new contracts.

Specific agreements are usually prepared to joint ventures and alliances and commonly cover financial arrangements, resources and possibly roles. They rarely define processes for termination, disputes, copyright or perpetual intellectual property (IP) rights.

Call 0408 403 439 or email me to review any agreements, current or pending.

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