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Services offered can be categorised by the old cliché: working “in your business” rather than “on your business”.

The common priorities of Principals’ activity in design firms are:
First: clients and projects
Secondly: operations ~ managing resources, finance and technology
Lastly: strategically designing the firm.

My services are the reverse of these priorities ~ aiming to mirror Principals’ natural priorities and deliver business planning with defined objectives and pathways to achieve them.

The parallel service offerings are:

Designing your firm

Commonly one-off assignments but ideally include a review cycle

Operations and management

Commonly defined assignments to establish procedures or implement change, but may involve on-going support or mentoring

  • Technology ~ designing and assisting change and productivity strategies, including resource management, accounting, CAD and BIM;
  • Financial Management ~ critical recording and reporting systems referencing industry specific Key Performance Indicators;
  • Team Management ~ team selection, performance reviews and career development;
  • Project Management ~ client agreements, joint ventures, alliances.

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