The Future for Architects? Gratitude to the RIBA

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Changes in the economy, project procurement methods, technology and even climate are confronting practitioners in their thoughts about the sustainability of their role as consultants to the built environment.

In 2013 the Building Futures team, based at the RIBA HQ in London produced a report that has generated much debate in the UK and elsewhere. It superbly summarises so many of the comments heard in discussions throughout the architecture profession in Australia. Despite growth in global population and consequent demand for built infrastructure, so many architects feel marginalised and their role threatened.

Every architect and firm will assess their own position against the predictions that the report postulates for the profession ~ it does outline a diverse range of options. The real challenge is to endeavour to take control of that positioning, recognise what it means for next year and those that follow.

The report with associated documents is highly recommended and can be found at the Building Futures website

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