The impact of mobile technology on your firm

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How current is your technology infrastructure? Are you benefiting from the potential of mobile connectivity?

Project teams including clients, consultants, contractors, authorities and suppliers are utilising mobile technologies for easier, timelier information exchange. Consultants to the built environment have moved from e-mail and PDF documentation exchange to hosting FTP function on their website, or using cloud-based document storage and exchange services such as

Late last year a colleague demonstrated to me that over half of the hits to his webpage were from mobile devices (mobile phones or tablets). He showed me that my website was very cumbersome on any mobile device.

I confessed my site was created in 2006 ~ obvious to him because not only did it pronounce copyright 2005, it had not been updated with the technologies available since then. Also, when created, I had all the good intentions of up-dating the content, but failed miserably. Does that sound familiar?

Since then the world has embraced social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and blogging provides an easy launching pad for ideas and news. Simultaneously mobile hardware (phones and tables) has evolved and now facilitates internet access from anywhere, anytime.

Clearly demonstrated to me was the shortcoming of my digital “brochure-ware”. Although created as one component of my market positioning, almost all my assignments come though referrals. I rarely know who is referring prospects to my website let alone who may find it themselves. Of course there are technologies to assist monitoring this traffic, but the issue is the design and content of my site.

My unique client base means I view the websites of many architects, engineers, planners, graphic designers, etc. The variance in content and attention to maintaining current material is one observation. The divergence of graphic design is another. But site navigation appears to receive the least thought, which returns us to the issue of mobile technology. Few, like me, have recognised and adapted to how visitors are viewing their site.

Have you?

The other lesson of 2013 came from attendance at the BuildingSMART event in October: “BIM 4 Construction ~ 4D+5D Workshops” (BuildingSMART) The up-take of mobile technologies by the construction sector is certain to introduce profound change in work practices throughout the industry.

Why not 0408 403 439 or email me to arrange an IT Health Check? Even the best infrastructure is worth scrutiny to avoid problems and ensure your team has all the current tools to maximise productivity and satisfy your clients.

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