Time to start planning your 2015 strategy

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Well actually, it is probably too late for the 2014/15 financial year plan ~ more likely your 2015 calendar year and next five year plan.

Consultants to the built environment know too well that crazy requirement to complete tasks by Christmas. It happens every year ~ that frenetic crescendo of activity although everyone also knows the next step will not occur until after the summer vacation period. But one ignores it at ones peril.

It leads to a feeling of exhaustion yet relief that there is at least a couple of weeks respite.

There would be few principals of firms who do not take the opportunity over this period to ponder the coming year and consider what they may do to resolve issues in their firm ~ they may even think about more strategic options. But when they return all the normal pressures seem to immediately pour in the door and all those ideas fade into distant memory.

A commitment is required. To gain momentum while avoiding neglect of your clients, call 0408 403 439 or email me for a briefing meeting to clarify your objectives and establish a program for the next year or more.

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